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How to enable SMTP authentication

You cannot relay mail because you have not enabled SMTP authentication in your e-mail client.

Depending on the mail client you utilise the steps are different. Below outlines a few commonly used mail clients:

Outlook Express:
In Outlook express click Tools > Accounts > Under the "mail" tab select an email account > properties > Select the "Servers" tab > Under "My server requires authentication" simply tick this.(You may use the same settings as your incoming mail server, pop3)

Microsoft Outlook 2003:
Tools > Email Accounts > Select "View or change existing email accounts...", click Next > Select your email account > Click "Change" > More settings > Under the "Outgoing Server" tab tick "My outgoing server requires authentication".

Mozilla Thunderbird:
Edit > Account Settings > Select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" near the bottom of the list to the left. Select the appropriate mail address (most likely the only one), Click Edit, tick "Use name and password" and then enter your full email address in the User Name field.

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